Saturday, September 12, 2009

Tangling Tango

Exotic and tribal stylo is now available in earrings also~~ Now you can certainly mix and match with any outfits of yours and SHINE, girls~~!!

Umbro (ER001)
Materials: Well-grossed beads
RM8 -Sold


Primo (ER002)
Materials: Well-grossed Wooden bead
RM8 - Sold


Tango (ER003)
Materials: Well-grossed Wooden bead

Shello (ER004)
Materials: Well-grossed painted shells
RM8 - Sold

Wonders of Seashells II

Crafting on shells~!! And this piece is certainly ROCK and COOL when you can have a Gladiator alike crating on your necklace~~

Gladiator (SN005)
Materials: Materials: High quality Mother of shell and Polymer beads
(Size of the Shell: 6.00cm in diameter)

Red Hot Chilli Beads

Red Hot Chilli Bead (WN014)
Materials: Well-grossed Wooden Beads

Pinky Shells

Using Seashells as decorative accessories are ain's something new.. Sweet colour painted in PINK always bring up the feminine in you~~

Pinky Shells (SB002)
Materials: Well glossed coloured shells
**Not restockable**

Tribal Fusion Bracelet IV

Wooden exotic tribal bracelet blend with modern fusion!! What else are you looking for other than this trendy yet sophisticated accessories ?!

Wooden Bangle (WB016)
Material: Fine Wood
RM15 - Sold

Tri-colour Fusion (WB017)
Material: Wooden beads
RM15 -Sold

Fussy Fusion (WB018)
Material: Wooden beads
RM15 - Sold