Friday, February 27, 2009

Dazzling Midnight

Girls, it's time for self-basking and indulge yourself with something dazzling and elegant!! Fine decorated bracelet in zig-zaging manner with black fresh water pearl and Cubic Zirconia stone. It's simply a perfect gift could not be ask for!!

Dazzling Midnight (BC007)
9 fine black fresh water pearls with 9 CZ stones, 20cm (Lay Flat, including extension ring)

Sea of Tranquility

Bask and treat yourself with this charming yet elegant design bracelet, tangling in six fine-eggy-shaped fresh water pearl. Perfect for any occasion and outfit of yours!!

Sea of Tranquility (BC006)
6 fine skin-colour eggy-shaped pearls, 22cm (Lay Flat, including extension ring)
**Non Restockable**

Monday, February 23, 2009


Hieya...To celebrate our blogshop opening, we are having a FREE POSTAGE to thank all the handicrafts lover and supporter!! So do keep on supporting us as your support will help to encourage the bloom of local handicrafts!! Oh yes, by the way, the free postage is valid until 15 March 2009!! So grab yours today!!

Borneo's Freshwater Pearl II

Borneo's Freshwater Pearl can be customed made into variety of attractive jewelery. A simple yet elegant piece of jewelery to be put on which can match any outfits, anytime, anywhere!!


The Black Pearl (BC005)
5 fine black pearls, 20cm (Lay Flat, including extension ring)
RM 15

The White Pearl (BC004)
5 fine white pearls, 20cm (Lay Flat, including extension ring)
RM 15

Borneo's Freshwater Pearl I

Freshwater pearl is one of the Borneo's famous locally cultured products. It has become the major income of some of the native Sabahan where they customized jewelery from freshwater pearl to be sold mainly to the foreigners.


Skin Nude (BC001)
Pearl in light orange-skin colour, 16cm (Lay Flat)
RM 19 (SOLD)

Lily White (BC002)
Pearl in Lily white colour, 16cm (Lay Flat)
RM 19 (SOLD)


Dusky Dawn (BC003)
Pearl in Light purple/maroon-skin colour, 16cm (Lay Flat)
RM 19 (SOLD)